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District Personnel

Central Administration

Mr. Michael Silsby - Superintendent
Mr. Keith Gunuskey - Assistant Superintendent
Dr. Clayton LaCoe III - District STEM Supervisor
Dr. R. Jay Starnes - Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Dr. Diane Szader - Director of Educational Technology
Ms. Lisa Tait - District English/Language Arts Supervisor

Mrs. Kerriann Horan - Business Manager
Mrs. Rebecca Gavin - Assistant to the Business Manager

Mrs. Jennie Hildebrand - Board Secretary / HR Coordinator
Mrs. Lindsey Shaheen - Assistant HR Coordinator

Mr. Robert Rozema - Director of Buildings and Grounds

Mrs. Brenda Zeiler - Director of Food Services

Department of Information Services

Mr. Steven Nalesnik - Director
Mr. DeJay Branch
Mr. Jesse Conway
Mr. James Parsons


Mrs. Pauline Savage


Mrs. Karen Alikas
Mrs. Jennifer Marmeleira
Miss Jeanette Navarro