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Wallenpaupack’s Path to Lifelong Wellness


On June 30, 2004, the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act, P.L. 108-265, was signed into law. P.L. 108-265 includes a mandate for all public and private school sponsors of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) to have local wellness policies in place by July 1, 2006. These policies must include:

  1. nutrition guidelines for all foods available on every school campus during the school day;
  2. goals for nutrition education;
  3. goals for physical activity; and
  4. goals to promote student wellness in other school based activities.

In response to this mandate, the Wallenpaupack Area School District organized district and building level wellness committees with members representing the Board, the administration, school nurses, health and physical education teachers, the director of food services, Wayne Memorial Hospital, the American Red Cross, the community, parents, and students. The district wellness policy was completed in 2006 and is reviewed and updated annually.  Nutritional guidelines for the food services department, vending machines, classroom parties and snacks, and fund raisers comply with federal meal standards and meet the Smart Snacks in Schools nutrition standards.

The district provides a K-12 health and physical education program and daily recess is provided at the elementary level. Parents are provided with student BMI reports annually. A community education program is offered three times a year, fall, winter, and summer. This program offers many opportunities for the community and students to participate in wellness activities. One of the wellness opportunities unique to our district is the "Walking Program" coordinated with Wayne Memorial Hospital. Our buildings are accessible after school hours for the community to exercise on a regular basis.

If you have any questions or if you would like to be included in the development, implementation, review and update of the wellness policy, you may contact Mrs. Brenda Zeiler, Director Food Services, or Mr. Keith Gunuskey, at the District Office.

Wallenpaupack Area is committed to making good nutrition and physical activity a part of our learning environment.


The Wellness Goals of the Wallenpaupack Area School District, intended to promote a healthy lifestyle, include the following:

  1. To promote a healthy environment;
  2. To facilitate student learning of lifelong healthy habits; and
  3. To increase student achievement through a commitment to physical activity, health education, and proper nutrition.

Wellness Committee 2019-2020

  • Ms. Jessica Cardone - Student
  • Ms. Angela Franko - WAMS Health and Physical Education Teacher
  • Mr. Keith Gunuskey - Assistant Superintendent
  • Mrs. Leslee Klinkiewicz - WNIS School Nurse
  • Mr. Kevin Kromko - Building Administrator
  • Mrs. Maria Miller - WSES Health and Physical Education Teacher
  • Ms. Amanda Olving-Marcello - Parent/Community Member
  • Mrs. Laura Ragonese - WAHS Health and Physical Education Teacher
  • Mrs. Eloise Riesle - WNPS Health and Physical Education Teacher
  • Mrs. Robin Scartelli - WNIS Health and Physical Education Teacher
  • Ms. Robin Skibber - Dietician
  • Mr. John Spall - School Board President
  • Mr. William Theobald - Director of Support Services
  • Mrs. Brenda Zeiler - Director of Food Services

Wellness Committee Meetings

Wellness Policy

Please refer to Policy #246 on the BoardDocs website for the WASD Board Policy on Wellness

Wellness Policy Assessment Tool

Federal regulations at 7 CFR 210.31 require local education agencies (LEAs) participating in the National School Lunch Program to complete an assessment of their local school wellness policy at least once every three years and make the results available to the public. This triennial assessment must measure the implementation of the local school wellness policy and include:

  • The extent to which schools under the jurisdiction of the LEA are in compliance with the local school wellness policy;
  • The extent to which the LEA’s local school wellness policy compares to model local school wellness policies;
  • A description of the progress made in attaining the goals of the local school wellness policy.

The Wallenpaupack Wellness Policy Assessment Tool can be found here.

Student Assistance Programs

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides a means of identifying and helping students who have challenges that may interfere with their success at school. There are many possible reasons for referral to a student support team. Parental permission is required for a student to receive SAP services, which are voluntary and confidential.

Information about student assistance programs can be located at http://www.sap.state.pa.us/

Wallenpaupack Are High School SAP Team
Mr. James Kane-Principal
Mr. Travis Ey - Assistant Principal
Mrs. Delia Peppiatt - Assistant Principal
Mrs. Erin M'Liss Bonagura - Teacher
Mrs. Stephanie Campbell - Teacher
Mrs. Jennifer David - Psychologist
Mr. Michael Guy - Teacher
Mr. David Hamill - Teacher
Mr. Marcel James -Teacher
Mr. Stephen Krushnowski - Teacher
Mrs. Kristen Nalesnik -Teacher
Mrs. Kelly Obermiller - Teacher
Mrs. Jean Pettinato - School Nurse
Dr. Katie Schkolenko - Teacher

Wallenpaupack Area Middle School SAP Team
Mr. Christopher Caruso - Principal
Mr. Brett Buselli - Assistant Principal
Mr. Thomas Hannon - Teacher
Mrs. Ann Marie Igoe - Teacher
Mrs. Erica McCue - Teacher
Mr. Mark McHugh - Teacher
Mr. David Miller - Teacher
Mrs. Mary Ellen Olsheski - School Nurse
Mr. George Pittsman - Teacher
Mrs. Beth Troop - Teacher
Wallenpaupack Area North Interm. SAP Team
Ms. Amanda Cykosky - Principal
Mrs. Kimberly Cavage - Teacher
Mrs. Mary Ellen Holbert - Guidance
Mrs. Melissa Jones - Psychologist
Mrs. Deborah Katz - Guidance
Mrs. Elizabeth Kromko - Teacher
Mrs. Robin Scartelli - Teacher

Wallenpaupack Area North Primary SAP Team
Mr. Kevin Kromko - Principal
Mrs. Tonia Carmody - Guidance
Mrs. Denise Genello - Head Teacher
Mrs. Melissa Jones - Psychologist
Mrs. Karllina Schmidt - Guidance
Mrs. Lisa Theobald - School Nurse
Wallenpaupack Area South Elementary SAP Team
Mr. Mark Kirsten-Principal
Mrs. Jennifer David-Psychologist
Mrs. Mary Farley-Mell - School Nurse
Mrs. Jennifer Gatens - Guidance
Mrs. Andrea Nakielny - Teacher
Mrs. Janet Nolan - Teacher

Parent Resources

Counseling/Community Services

Pike County MH/MR (BSC/MT/TSS)296-6484
NHS (Outpatient Counseling)253-0321
Honesdale Behavioral Health Clinic
     Dr. Michael Campbell, MD
Family Enrichment Center342-4665
Friendship House253-6913
Northeast Counseling Associates253-9323
Northwestern Human Services (NHS)253-0321
Scranton Counseling Center348-6100
Youth Advocate Program296-5690
Providence Community Services296-6915
Devereux Foundation676-4118
Pocono Center for Psychological Services226-1963
Kathryn Vennie, MS226-4022
Dr. John Reinhardt470-4174
Suzanne Grierson, LCSW226-4444
Kelly S. Magee, L.P.C647-9277

*If in a crisis situation during regular business hours please contact NHS, 840 Main St. Honesdale, PA at (570) 253-0321. If in a crisis situation after regular business hours, please contact Mid Valley Hospital, 1400 S. Main St. Peckville, PA at (570)383-5500.

Food Pantries

Wayne County 253-4262
Lakewood 798-2335
Hawley United Methodist 226-3875
Damascus 224-4410
Newfoundland 676-3624
Lakeville 226-3116


Please refer to the following pdf documents for nutrition information and guidelines: