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Clubs and Activities


 Art Club  Humanity United  Show Choir
 Chamber Choir  Jazz Band  Spring Musical Pit Orchestra
 Chess Club  Literary Magazine  Student Council
 Culinary Club  Local History Club  Volunteers In Paupack
 Dance Squad  National Honor Society  WAHS Players
 Emission Free Vehicles Club  National Junior Honor Society  Web Design Team
 Environmental Activities Club  SADD  Weight Training
 Foreign Language Club  Scholastic Team  Yearbook
 Forensics  Science Olympiad  

Art Club:  The art club is dedicated to promoting arts appreciation through school and community service arts-based projects.  The club creates many pieces such as wall murals, displays, craft projects for senior citizens, banquet decorations and many others both in and out of school.  The fundraiser is a yearlong T-shirt printing business.  Proceeds help with materials for projects as well as admission fees for the yearly field trip, which is usually to a museum or art center.  The club meets in the art room.


Chamber Choir:  This choir is a group of approximately thirty auditioned singers.  They meet at night, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to rehearse a repertoire of challenging vocal music.  They perform in school concerts and throughout the community.


Chess Club:  The chess club introduces chess to new players and offers an outlet for players who have varying levels of experience.  The first meetings start off by getting everyone learning new moves and polishing old skills before tournament play starts.  During the last couple weeks of the activity, a bracket tournament is instated during each meeting and members play each other.  During more competitive weeks, the tournament may stretch into the next meeting.  All levels of players are welcome, from those who have never played to the grand masters.  


Culinary Club:  Approximately every two weeks in the spring and fall the culinary club meets and discusses food and the art of cooking.  There are two sessions of five meetings each.  Sign-ups are on the door in the Foods room on a weekly basis.  All food service students in all grades are invited to attend.  Each week the spotlight is on a particular theme or guest chef.  (Examples of themes include Carnival Foods, Italy, Everything Chocolate, etc.)  In the past, guest chefs have taught about several subjects including:  pizza-making, healthy cuisine, and ice carving. 


Dance Squad:  The Wallenpaupack Dance Squad is a group of creative and athletic students who choreograph their own dances, which they then perform at various events throughout the fall, from football games to pep rallies and parades.  The squad holds try-outs at the beginning of their season and about thirteen students make the cut.  If your interested in showing off your moves, the Dance Squad is the club for you.     


Emission Free Vehicles Club:  Although a relatively new club, the activity is pertinent in todays society as the emphasis on alternative-fuel vehicles is growing.  Members look at the use of solar-, hydrogen-, and electric-powered vehicles.  They test these vehicles of the future and see how well they run. Members will also work on a battery-operated, full-size go-kart. 


Environmental Activities Club:  The Environmental Activities Club focuses on learning about and enjoying the outdoors.  The Club meets once a week throughout the school year.  During the fall members take after school field trips to local parks and preserves that include various excursions, from hiking trails to bird watching.  The club also participates in the Pike/Wayne Environthon competition during which students demonstrate their knowledge in the fields of aquatics, forestry, wildlife, soil, and a current issue.  Each station requires problem-solving, has hands-on components, and includes a written test.  In addition, the club also performs community service.  From presenting environmental education programs to the elementary students or maintaining the wood duck box at the Beech Creek Wetland, this group is always extremely busy having fun and learning about the environment.


Foreign Language Club: The organization meets once a month.  You need not be enrolled in a language class to join!  Each month the students get together to hear a presentation from a guest speaker or to celebrate the various holidays according to the different customs of our target languages.  They sample delicious cultural foods during the meeting.  Tutoring can be offered if needed during the time as well.  Sign up with a Foreign Language teacher!  The Foreign Language Clubs fund raisers benefit the needy and also help to pay for our trips, be it a local restaurant or to New York City. 


Forensics:  Always popular, forensics has always been an extremely successful group.  Some events for forensics include:  oral interpretation, dramatic interpretation, original oratory, debate, and duo interpretation. Skills that are used in these events include debate, public speaking, and acting.  Competitors compete on a nationwide-level with students from many different areas of the country participating.   


Humanity United:  H.U. is Wallenpaupack Area School Districts anti-discrimination club.  The club serves the district by promoting tolerance and acceptance through various club activities.  H.U. provides a safe haven for those students who have been discriminated against and provides a forum for peer discussion and problem solving.  Humanity United hopes to create a diverse and friendly environment within the school as well as in the surrounding communities.  Club membership attempts to instill a sense of inner strength, responsibility, and self-respect among fellow students.  All are welcome!


Jazz Band:  The jazz band is an extracurricular ensemble that studies and performs "Americas First Original Art Form"...jazz.  The jazz band plays Dixieland, swing, bebop, Latin, funk, and fusion, often with improvisation.  The jazz band performs five to ten times a year, throughout Northeastern PA.  Any W.A.H.S. Band member who plays a jazz band instrument (saxophone, trombone, trumpet, piano, bass, drum set) may audition.  Rehearsals are held in the evenings.


Literary Magazine:  Literary magazine, a club new to the school this past September, was created to give students a chance to share their writing and artwork with their peers.  The club collects student works (short stories, poems, drawings, etc.) and compiles it all into a book.  If students wish to remain anonymous when submitting their pieces, they may do so.  Literary magazine has been nicknamed Lines because it takes lines to draw and it takes lines to write.  In May, this book is published and distributed to the student body at no cost. 


Local History Club:  The club, also known among its members as The Local Historical Society, is an organization within the school that is deeply involved in the history and present state of local area.  Members work to develop projects to present to the third and fourth grade students in the district.  They also create exhibits to display at local museums, one such being a presentation on the Delaware and Hudson Canal for the Columns Museum in Milford.  The club does these things and more, all while having a great time exploring the history of the region.


National Honor Society:  The Wallenpaupack Area High School chapter of the National Honor Society grants membership to students who demonstrate the four values of NHS membership:  Character, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service.  Students who have a cumulative GPA of 90.00 and above are invited to join anytime after their 9th grade year.  The students must also be involved in co-curricular activities, follow school rules, and perform at 12 hours of community service per year.  The NHS coordinates Scholar Night in the fall as recognition for honor roll students.  They also hold a banquet in the spring of each school year.  At our graduation ceremony, members of the NHS receive their diplomas first and wear gold stoles and tassels to mark their accomplishments. 


National Junior Honor Society:  The N.J.H.S. is an organization that recognizes and encourages academic achievement, while developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy such as character, service, leadership and citizenship.  Membership is open to all 9th grade students with a cummulative GPA of at least an 8.0.  Membership is by invitation only.


S.A.D.D.:  Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.) is an organization in which members meet to organize drug and alcohol awareness activities.  Some examples of these are the Prom Promise and the Prom assembly (both of which aim to promote safety during and after prom), and Red Ribbon Week.  The groups overall aim is to raise awareness pertaining to the destructive consequences of drugs and alcohol in the student body and in the community.


Scholastic Team:  Do you like Jeopardy?  Do you frequently find yourself screaming the answers to the questions, even though Alex Trebek is not going to hear you?  If you answered yes to either of these two questions the scholastic team is the club for you.  The members in this activity participate in an online competition that features an unlimited number of questions.  They compete in the N.E.I.U 19 Scholastics Competition, as well, and also battle in a radio buzzer competition.     


Science Olympiad:  Students who join the Science Olympiad Team meet from December through March, three or four times per week after school until late buses, in the high school science laboratories.  Students prepare to go to the Regional Science Olympiad competition that is held in early March at Penn State University/Wilkes-Barre Campus.  The twenty-two events in the Olympiad include biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, and computer technology events.  Also, several events require building a project such as a catapult, airplane, tower or robot.  There are several coaches, and each coach helps students in a particular area of science or helps them in designing the building projects.  The Team welcomes all students grades 9 through 12 who are interested in science, and encourages students to take challenging science classes so they can be competitive in the Regional competition.  


Show Choir:  This group is comprised of auditioned singers who can dance as well as sing.  Usually the Show Choir performs at the Jazz Pops Concerts with the Jazz Bands, as well as at different events throughout the community.


Spring Musical Pit Orchestra:  The orchestra is an extracurricular ensemble that accompanies the WAHS Players spring musical production.  Instrumentation varies from one show to another, and membership is by invitation from the fine arts department.  We practice extensively leading up to the show. 


Student Council:  In addition to serving as the voice of the student body, the Wallenpaupack Area High School Student Council seeks to provide the W.A.H.S. student body with enriching extracurricular opportunities and engaging spirit activities (i.e. Spirit Games, Homecoming, Traveling Pep Rally, etc.).  Members include an elected Executive Board (president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, historian, and special events coordinator) and several general board members.


Volunteers in 'Paupack:  V.I.P. is a Community Service Club at the Wallenpaupack Area High School.  The group is comprised of approximately sixty students from grades 9-12.  Some of the activities this group coordinates include:  face painting at the Hawley Hoe Down, writing letters to younger students from the Great Pumpkin, sponsoring a food drive, and sending gifts to the service members serving overseas. 


W.A.H.S. Players:  This select group of students (chosen by audition) work to produce Broadway style shows.  The group performs both plays and musicals, such as The Music Man, Les Miserables, Our Town, and The Pajama Game.  Rehearsals take place after school and are rigorous events filled with dancing, singing, and acting.  The plays usually are in the fall, while musicals are performed in the spring. 


Web Design Team:  The W.A.H.S. Web Design Team authors and implements web-based multimedia presentations for local, regional, and state wide competitions.  Our team uses industry standard software and the latest tools available for potential candidates of careers in related fields. 


Weight Training: Individuals interested in this activity perform varying series of muscle enhancing activities, such as weight lifting, in the schools weight room.  The goal is to exert the muscles in such a way that they become stronger and larger after strenuous physical activity.  This activity is recommended for those who are willing to work hard through intense practice to achieve physical improvement.


Yearbook:  The yearbook is an annual publication put together by students in all grades.  The book features the activities, sports, and clubs that take place over the year.  It is published at the end of the year, and a spring supplement, containing spring sports, prom, and graduation comes out in the fall of the following year.  Meetings are held weekly and staff members have the opportunity to work on page layouts, take photographs, or attend to the other tasks incurred during the yearbook-making process.