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Middle School Guidance

The W.A.M.S. Guidance Staff provides the adolescents in the building with both emotional and academic support. They work closely with students, teachers and parents to make the middle school experience healthy and productive for every child. The guidance personnel provide all students with services that include the following:

  • Provide students with academic support through communication regarding their grades and progress
  • Assist the Child Study Team in determining any special needs of students
  • Provide emotional support to students and their parents in dealing with the demands of adolescence
  • Counsel individual student with educational and personal concerns
  • Work with referral agencies such as Mental Health/Mental Retardation, Children and Youth, Drug and Alcohol programs, Survivors' Resources, VIP, etc.
  • Work with the North Intermediate and South Elementary in providing information and scheduling for a smooth transition to the Middle School
  • Coordinate with the High School in providing all eighth graders and their parents the information to develop the student's ninth grade schedule
  • Work in concert with the Student Assistance Team
  • Process all enrollments and withdrawals

You may contact the Guidance Office at 570-226-4557, press 9, then extension 3055

Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program of Wallenpaupack Area Middle School provides ways for educators to identify and help students who have serious problems that interfere with their achieving success in school. This support system is not a treatment program. Rather, its purposes are to recognize students in crisis, provide direction and support for them, refer them to appropriate community agencies or support groups, provide communication lines among teachers, parents and students, create a school environment where all students can learn, and help to assist in minimizing the disruptions in school caused by a student's serious personal crisis.

The heart of the program is the F.A.M.E. Team (Faculty Advisors Maintaining Effectiveness), a core group of school personnel who are specially trained to work with these students to help overcome barriers to education including substance abuse, suicide, anger, child abuse, divorce, pregnancy, eating disorders, etc.
If you have a concern about yourself or any other student in Wallenpaupack Area Middle School, you can talk to a member of the F.A.M.E. team. The members of the F.A.M.E. team are Mr. Miller, Mrs. Igoe, Mr. Pittsman, Mr. Hannon, Mr. McHugh, Mrs. McCue, Mrs. Wentz, Mrs. Dougherty, and Mr. Williams.


The Wallenpaupack Area School District recognizes that a wide range of problems not directly associated with school can have an effect on a student’s school performance. In many instances, the student will overcome such personal problems independently and the effect on school performance will be negligible. In other instances, minimal assistance from teachers or other school personnel will serve either as motivation or guidance by which such problems can be resolved so the student's performance will return to an acceptable level. In some cases, however, neither the efforts of the student nor school personnel will have the desired effect of resolving the student's problems and unsatisfactory performance will persist over a period of time, either constantly or intermittently.

The Wallenpaupack Area School District believes it is in the interest of the student, the student's family and the school to provide a student assistance program that deals with such persistent problems. It is the policy of this School District to handle student problems within the following framework:

  • The school recognizes that almost any human problem can be successfully treated provided it is identified in its early stages and referral is made to an appropriate modality of care. This applies whether the problem is one of psychological or emotional illness, family distress, alcohol and drug abuse, alcoholism or other concerns.

  • The purpose of this program is to assure students that if such personal problems are the cause of unsatisfactory school performance, that they will receive careful consideration and an offer of assistance to help resolve such problems in an effective and confidential manner.

  • The substance abuse problems causing unsatisfactory school performance will be handled in a forthright manner within the school's established administrative procedures, and all Student Assistance Program records will remain confidential except with full written consent of the student and/or family.

  • Students who have a substance abuse problem which they feel may affect school performance are encouraged to voluntarily seek counseling and information on a CONFIDENTIAL basis by contacting the designated diagnostic and referral resource – The Crisis Intervention Counselor or a member of the Student Assistance Program.

  • Students referred to the S.A.P. by school personnel may be required to secure adequate medical, rehabilitative counseling or other services as may be necessary to resolve their problems.

  • It will be the responsibility of the student to comply with the referrals for diagnosis of his/her substance abuse problem and to cooperate and follow the recommendations of the diagnostician or counseling agent.

  • In cases involving administrative discipline action, a student's failure to seek or accept diagnosis and treatment for a substance abuse problem will be brought to the attention of the principal for appropriate administrative action.

  • For further information regarding the student assistance program and services please contact Mrs. Dougherty at 226-4557, press 9, then extension 3055.