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EXPLORING VISUAL ARTS - 1 credit                                                                       

Grades 9,10,11,12


Visual Arts is designed as a preparatory course for the study of both fine and graphic arts. It provides a strong background in the basics of two-dimensional design, drawing, painting, sculpture and some crafts. Opportunity is provided for the student to develop his/her creativity as they learn artistic skills. Historic and cultural background and the relationship of art to other disciplines will be discussed where applicable. This course is a requirement for the student who wishes to continue in either the Fine Arts or Graphic Arts program.




The Visual Arts program is designed for the student who is interested in attending an art technical school or art college in any of the following career choices: Fine Arts, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Design, Art Therapy, Illustration and Commercial art.


FINE ARTS I - 1 credit                                                                                              

Grades 9,10,11,12
Required: Exploring Visual Arts


Fine Arts I is designed for the serious art student wishing to sharpen his/her artistic skills and learn advanced techniques in painting, sculpture, drawing and printmaking techniques.


FINE ARTS II - 1 credit                                                                                                    

Grades 11,12
Required: Fine Arts I or departmental approval


This course will provide students with an extensive background in advanced techniques of drawing and painting using thematic units. Individual needs and creativity will be stressed as well as historical background study of the various major art trends and styles. The student will learn more advanced pottery and craft techniques and have the opportunity for individual work.


FINE ARTS III - 1 credit                                                                                                          

Grade 12
Required: Fine Arts II


This course is designed for the senior who plans on a career in art. The student will work on an independent program tailored to his/her specific needs in development of specific skills and portfolio presentation. All seniors are required to prepare a portfolio of all of their work for a final exam grade.


ILLUSTRATION - .5 credit                                                                                           

Grades 10,11,12
Required - Exploring Visual Art


Students will use drawing and painting to translate words into pictures. Students will develop skills to create artwork based on written passages from novels and short stories or poetry. They may also be involved in writing their own stories to create their own book.


ADVANCED PLACEMENT ARTS 1 - 1 credit                                                                            

Grade 11
Required: Fine Arts I or department approval
Level: Advanced Placement Challenge


This course is designed for the serious art student planning on a career in art. Students will study a core foundation in all breadth areas in the portfolio they choose to do. They will choose from three portfolio options: Drawing, Two-Dimensional Design or Three-Dimensional Design. Students will learn techniques in planning and design as well as techniques in their choice portfolio. Specific requirements are established by the AP board. Portfolio will be completed in level two.


ADVANCED PLACEMENT ARTS 2 - 1 credit                                                                            

Grade 12
Required: Advanced Placement Arts I or department approval.

 Level: Advanced Placement Challenge


In this course students will design and create the concentration area of their chosen portfolio as well as finalize all quality works required. Emphasis will be placed on the development of a theme, critical analysis and presentation of artwork. All artwork for the portfolio requirements will be completed. Slides that are required for the test will be prepared by the student at his/her own cost prior the test in May.


Students will be required to take the Advanced Placement exam. The cost of the exam will be covered by the school district.




The Graphic Arts program is designed for the student who is interested in commercial art, advertising, computer art or any other graphic art activity. Upon graduation students may also choose to continue their education in graphic design at a trade, technical school or college.


ADVERTISING DESIGN/COMPUTER GRAPHICS - 1 credit                                           

Grades 10,11,12
Required: Exploring Visual Art or department approval


This course will cover the full spectrum of advertising design techniques. Newspaper and magazine ads, logo designs, spot illustrations, storyboards, brochure layouts, book covers, posters and more. An introduction to the tools of the ad designer: tech pens, t-squares, overlays, the iMac – Illustrator, Photo Shop. Creativity and the use of design principles are stressed.



ADVERTISING DESIGN/COMPUTER GRAPHICS II - 1 credit                                             

Grades 11,12
Required: Advertising Design/Computer Graphics


Adobe in Design and Adobe GoLive (used for the creative side of web design) are two of the exciting new programs ad design students will work with at this level. Mastery of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are also expected. Advanced design projects such as posters, program covers, and programs that are published and can be used for portfolio inclusion will be emphasized.


ADVERTISING DESIGN/ COMPUTER GRAPHICS III - 1 credit                                           

Grades 11,12
Required - Advertising Design/Computer Graphics II


Portfolio preparation will be addressed with emphasis on advanced design projects for the web as well as print work. All aspects of the design and graphics fields will be explored. A short research paper will be required which will detail information about the area of design in which the student expects to work. The correct use of the design principles and creativity are the keys to success in this course. Design on the IMAC is the primary emphasis of this class.


PHOTOGRAPHY I - 1 credit                                                                                             

Grades 11,12
Required: Exploring Visual Art


All facets of black and white photography will be explored: shooting (portrait, studio, advertising, sports, candid and still life), developing and various printing techniques. Also students will work with Adobe PhotoShop, and digital cameras. A research paper and portfolio are required. Basic knowledge of a 35mm camera is helpful. Each student should have his/her own 35mm camera. Arrangements will be made for students who don’t own their own camera. Students are financially responsible for camera loss or damage from abuse.


PHOTOGRAPHY II - 1 credit                                                                                                   

Grade 12
Required: Photography I


This class would include studio portrait work, [to include the use of various toners and hand coloring techniques], various techniques such as pushing film, dodging and burning, digital camera work, learning how to manipulate photo’s in Photoshop, creating a portfolio, shooting a sporting event as a photojournalist, shooting a school production as a social commentator, shooting an event like a wedding photographer, shooting with color film and slide film, and creating a final project to include a study of someone or something which would include 5 individual photo’s mounted




INTRODUCTION TO THEATRE - 1 credit                                                                        

Grades 9,10,11


This project-oriented course offers students the opportunity to explore all aspects of the performing arts. This introductory course is designed to familiarize students with acting, improvisation, and children’s theatre-just to name a few. Students will experience theatre arts instruction designed to stimulate problem solving, creative thinking and communication skills. This course is created for all students who wish to become involved in theatre arts curriculum.


INTERMEDIATE THEATRE - 1 credit                                                                            

Grades 10,11,12
Required: Introduction to Theatre


In this course, students become active participants in the art of theatre. Through scene and monologue performance, poise and self-confidence are developed. Through practical experience students will gain understanding and appreciation of what is involved in creating characters. Students will have the opportunity to explore technical theatre (including make-up, costumes, set design/construction). Students will also take part in an intensive directing project.


ADVANCED THEATRE - 1 credit                                                                                       

Grades 11,12
Required: Intermediate Theatre and students must receive approval from teacher

Level: College Prep Challenge


These students can continue to develop performance and directing skills. Working together in small and large groups, the students will increase their knowledge and abilities as solo performers, ensemble members, directors, designers and audience members. Students will work on numerous projects from contemporary theatre and classical theatre (including Shakespeare). Projects will give students the opportunity to exercise creative and problem solving skills as they increase their self-reliance and poise.


ADVANCED THEATRE II - 1 credit                                                                                    

Grades 11,12
Required: Advanced Theatre I
Level: College Prep Challenge


This class is offered to juniors and seniors who have completed Advanced Theatre. This course will explore playwriting, theatre criticism/analysis, in-depth scene work, directing, and theatre in education. This class is specifically designed for students looking to study theatre in college.


MUSICAL THEATRE - .5 credit                                                                                  

Grades 9,10,11,12


Designed for singers who want to act and actors, who want to sing, the Musical Theatre course will include areas of study in scene and song performance, direction and movement/choreography. A project based class; students will have the opportunity to experience group and solo presentations of significant plays of American Musical Theatre.


MUSICAL THEATRE II - .5 credit                                                                                      

Grades 11,12
Required: Musical Theatre I
Level: College Prep Challenge


This is a continuation of Musical Theatre. Juniors and seniors who have taken Musical Theatre may sign up for this course. This course will go further in depth into Musical Theatre performing. Students will be required to study musical theatre history as well as prepare and perform musical theatre songs in a group and individual settings. Students will study and learn along with the Musical Theatre I students. This class is for those students seriously interested in performance and music.


ADVANCED TOPICS IN PERFORMING ARTS - 1 credit                                                     

Grades 11,12
Level: College Prep Challenge


This course is designed for the student who intends on pursuing post-secondary study in the performing arts. Coursework includes individual pursuit of specific topics in theatre, voice, or instrumental music. Admission will be based on previous experiences (i.e. membership in band or chorus, WAHS Players, successful completion of performing arts courses) and interview and approval by a member of the performing arts faculty.                                                                          



Grades 10,11

.5 credit


******Students must show a positive attitude toward the school and its regulations. Students with persistent discipline problems will not be considered. Any drug or alcohol violation will result in removal from the program and will be given a “0” for the course.


The seminar for student facilitators is designed for students who are interested in “helping professions” such as: teaching, social work, psychology, counseling, etc. An activities approach will include individual and group presentations, lectures by experts in the field, “hands-on” training and role-playing. The course will also involve a component that requires students to work with elementary, middle and high school students.


STUDENT FACILITATORS II - .5 credit                                                                        

Grades 10,11,12
Required: Seminar for Student Facilitators


******Students must show a positive attitude toward the school and its regulations. Students with persistent discipline problems will not be considered. Any drug or alcohol violation will result in removal from the program and will be given a “0” for the course.

The trained peer helper can continue their work with elementary, middle and high school students. Field experience will be required so that students can observe and experience some of the “helping professions” discussed in level one. Working together with classmates and professionals, the students will develop projects and presentations that will incorporate communication and helping skills.



Grades 11,12
Required: Student Facilitators I & II
Level: College Prep Challenge


This is a course designed for students who are interested in developing interpersonal skills working directly with other students. Group and individual projects in both visual and performing arts will be used as a focus for assisting others in the development of social and artistic skills. These students will not leave for Peer Helping. They need to schedule Student Facilitators I for that purpose. This course is recommended for students considering careers in teaching, counseling or other related fields.




CONCERT CHOIR - 1 credit                                                                                      

Grades 9,10,11,12
Requirement: Voice testing must be passed prior to enrollment. Students will be re-evaluated each spring for enrollment the following year.
Level: College Prep Challenge


Concert Choir meets for 1 block every other day all year. The basic requirements for earning the credit for concert choir are as follows:

            • Daily class participation and memorization of music for public concerts
            • Participation in the Spring Concert
            • All Concert Choir members who fulfill their curricular requirements are eligible for participation in Chamber Singers, Show Choir, PMEA and ACDA Choral Festivals and Choir trips
            • Participation in additional concerts announced by the director at least three weeks prior to the commitment
            • Written evaluations of curricular vocabulary
            • Individual voice testing at least once each marking period


GIRLS’ ENSEMBLE - 1 credit                                                                                    

Grades 9,10,11,12


Open to all girls without audition. A course designed for girls who enjoy singing and want to strengthen their voices to become better choral singers. The basic requirements for earning the credit for Girl's Ensemble are as follows:

            • Daily class participation and memorization of music for concerts
            • Participation in Winter and Spring Concerts
            • Written evaluation of curricular vocabulary
            • Individual voice testing at least once each marking period


MUSIC THEORY - 1 credit                                                                                           

Grades 10,11,12
Required: Approval by instructor
Level: College Prep Challenge


A student will be given a comprehensive background in music history, genres, styles and composers. A student will also receive a comprehensive background in scales, keys, meter, rhythm, intervals, notation, melody, harmony and transposition. This course is recommended for the serious music student.


ADVANCED PLACEMENT MUSIC THEORY - 1 credit                                                               

Grade 12
Required: Music Theory I

Level: Advanced Placement Challenge


The ultimate goal of an AP music theory course is to develop a student’s ability to recognize, understand, and describe the basic materials and processes of music that are heard or presented in score. The achievement of these goals may best be approached by initially addressing fundamental aural, analytical,

and compositional skills using both listening and written exercises. Building on this foundation, the course should progress to include more creative tasks, such as the harmonization of a melody by selecting appropriate chords, composing a musical bass line to provide two-voice counterpoint, or the realization of figured-bass notation.


Students will be required to take the Advanced Placement exam. The cost of the exam will be covered by the school district. The student on his/her own will do any additional preparation for the test.


BEGINNING PIANO - .5 credit                                                                                            

Grades 9,10


Beginning piano will provide piano/keyboard instruction in a classroom setting for students with little previous training. This course will offer the non-music and/or the music student opportunities to obtain basic piano skills. Grading is based on class participation and individual achievement.


INTERMEDIATE PIANO - .5 credit                                                                                

Grades 10,11,12
Required: Pass Beginning Piano with a grade of “84” or higher and teacher approval


This course is designed for the student who wishes to further their piano keyboard skills after the completion of Beginning Piano. This course will reinforce the concepts of keyboard playing, sight-reading, theory and technique. Each student will be encouraged to proceed at his/her own pace.


 MUSIC APPRECIATION - .5 credit                                                                                    

Grades 9,10


A student will be given a comprehensive background in musical styles, instruments, genres, history, notation, singing and listening. The student will be assessed through class participation, assignments and projects and periodic testing.


MUSIC TECHNOLOGY - 1 credit                                                                                  

Grades 10,11,12
Required: Approval by instructor
Level: College Prep Challenge


Students will learn the basics of music history; theory and composition, then create their own original music using software programs such as Finale and Cakewalk. Grading is based on independent projects, class participation and written tests. This class is recommended for the serious music student only.


EVOLUTION OF JAZZ - 1 credit                                                                                

Grades 9,10,11,12
Level: College Prep Challenge


Students will explore the history and development of “America’s first original art form”, Jazz. The class will approach jazz from 2 perspectives:

              • Musical (the use of musical elements like harmony, rhythm, form, and timbre in various jazz styles)
              • Sociological (the effect of jazz on American culture and vice versa)

Course material will be delivered through:

              • Lectures/class notes
              • Guided listening (including live jazz performances)
              • Creative projects
              • Interviews/workshops with actual jazz musicians

Previous musical experience (i.e. membership in band or chorus, successful completion of other music electives) is recommended, but not required.


SENIOR BAND - 1 credit                                                                                           

Grades 9,10,11,12
Required: Previous band experience
Level: College Prep Challenge


Senior Band meets every other day for one block plus one graded sectional lesson per week. Sectionals emphasize technique and quality of play through solo literature.



Curricular requirements:

            • Attendance at selected rehearsals and performances, including summer band camp
            • Grading is based on 50 percent playing exams, 25 percent written work, and 25 percent attendance/participation

All band members who fulfill their curricular requirements are eligible for participation in jazz ensemble, PMEA band festivals, collegiate honors bands, and band trips.


******Summer Band Camp is a requirement for all band students. Students who do not fulfill this requirement will receive a “0” for the course and be removed from band.



BAND/CHORUS - 1 credit                                                                                         

Grades 9,10,11,12
Required: Approval of instrumental and choral teachers
Level: College Prep Challenge


This elective allows selected students to participate in both concert choir and senior band. The music skills of these students must be well above average. Both the band and chorus instructor may request a demonstration of ability. Students in this classification must maintain a 90 average to continue in both performance groups.






VIDEO PRODUCTION I - 1 credit                                                                                   

Grades 9,10,11


This course is designed to allow for the full exploration of careers and opportunities available in the field of video production. The course is divided into four related areas of study: writing for video, use and care of video equipment, acting for video, and artwork for video. Specific assignments and activities are planned and each segment is interdependent on the other. Students will learn to write scripts, take production notes, set blocking, operate cameras, do switching operations, create simple editing pieces, and experience what it feels like to be "ON" camera.


VIDEO PRODUCTION II - 1 credit                                                                                

Grades 10,11,12
A grade of “75” in Video Production 1 is recommended
Level: College Prep Challenge


This is an advanced production course designed to give students a simulation of what it is like to work for a video production company. Students will write and produce commercials, news reports, editorials, mini talk shows and other formats. The student will use and explore advanced production elements, script writing and television acting. In order to successfully complete this course each student must participate in every aspect of the production. Grading will be based on the student's performance on quizzes, conduct during the hands on assignments, ability to complete assignments on time, overall classroom and laboratory participation. There is a performance requirement and several writing requirements. There are required out-of-school video assignments.


VIDEO PRODUCTION III - 1 credit                                                                                    

Grades 11,12
A grade of “75” in Video Production II is recommended

Level: College Prep Challenge


If you enjoy the materials covered in Video I & II and are interested in exploring a career in television this course will provide the opportunity to further explore this exciting branch of mass media. Live broadcasts, individual reporting and filming assignments and possibility of several remote location filming will highlight this course. Student will be required to actively take part in the various production positions found in an independent television facility. Grading will be based on the student’s performance on quizzes, conduct during the hands on assignments, ability to complete assignments on time, overall classroom and laboratory participation. There will be several out-of-school video assignments.



SPECIAL EVENTS MEDIA                                                                                           

Grades 10,11,12
.5 credit (A or B day) 1 semester

1 credit (A and B day) 1 semester

1 credit (A or B day) 2 semesters

Required: Video I or teacher recommendation

Level: College Prep Challenge


The main emphasis of the course will be the production of special programs to be presented on the school’s television station. Each student considering this course should have a strong interest and talent in at least one of the following disciplines: writing, research, graphic design for multi media, acting/speaking, a broad knowledge of music, or the technical production of multi media and television. The ability to write effectively is very important. Self-motivation is a must; much of the work is self-directed.