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North Primary Guidance

The North Primary School Guidance Staff assists students with academic and emotional support. The guidance personnel provide students with many services, including:

  • Student Support - academic support for eligible students - More information
  • Support groups - small group support to assist students with coping skills - Complete listing
  • Processing student enrollment and withdrawals
  • Facilitating programs to educate students on bullying and peer communications
  • Coordinating peer helping relationships between high school students and North Primary students

You may contact the Guidance Department at 570-226-4557, ext. 3093

Resources Available in the Guidance Office

The Guidance Office offers a wealth of materials to parents that can be used with their children.

There are many children's books on a variety of topics, everything from having a new brother or sister to death, divorce and all sorts of behavioral issues.

Also in the Guidance Library are books and information about a variety of topics from AD/HD, parenting issues and behavioral, emotional, and social issues. There are DVD's, books, manuals, etc. that cover a fairly large array of topics.

All items are available to be loaned out to parents looking to help their children deal with various issues or simply learn more about them.


K-12 The Best Parent is Both Parents - a guide to sharing parenting in the 21st Century.
K-12 Treating Youth with DSM-IV Disorders - The Role of Social Skill Instruction
K-12 The Teacher's Guide to Behavioral Interventions - Intervention strategies for behavior problems in the educational environment-covers virtually every problem you can imagine and gives practical advice.
K-12 The Pre-Referral Interventions Manual - the most common learning and behavior problems encountered in the educational environment. If a student of yours has a problem, you may have tried many of these interventions but there are many other possibilities.
K-Adult DSM-IV-Quick Reference - contains terms and definitions of all psychiatric diagnosis for adults and children plus criteria needed for said diagnosis.
PreK-6 How to Talk to Your Kids About Really Important Things - one of the 2 best books I have. Covers everything from adoption to strangers.
PreK-12 The Parents Guide - solutions to today's common behavior problems in the home. Excellent resource, covers all areas from dishonesty to irresponsibility. Very specific and easy to put into practice.
K-12 Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom - full of ideas and strategies.
K-2 The Active Learner - help your child learn by doing
K-2 The Curious Learner - help your child develop Academic & Creative Skills
K-2 The Confident Learner - help your child succeed in school
K-2 Lee Carter's - Assertive Discipline for Parents
K-2 How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk
K-5 VIDEO TAPE - Vision Exercises - A Practical Guide to Improve their Vision - Learning Connection for Children
Pre-K K-Ready to use Social Skills Lessons & Activities
1-3 Ready to use Social Skills Lessons & Activities
K-12 Power Struggles - Successful Techniques for Educators
K-Adult VIDEO TAPE - Fat City - excellent in that it demonstrates what it is actually like to have a learning disability.
K-6 BOOK AND VIDEO TAPE - 1-2-3 Magic - an excellent and easily understandable system to start or stop behaviors in children
K-8 Good Friends are Hard to Find
K-12 Severe Behavior Problems - A Functional Communications Training Approach
K-12 Teaching Tips - 105 Way to Increase Motivation & Learning
K-12 Sensory Integration in Children - Processing and Strategies for Autism Spectrum, ADHD and other Neurobehavioral Disorders. (5 CD's)

A.D.H.D. (Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder)

K-12 The Attention Deficit Disorders Intervention Manual - covers all problem aspects and offers useable classroom solutions.
K-12 The Parent's Guide to Attention Deficit Disorders - offers many solutions to very specific behavioral problems in the environment outside school.
PreK-8 The ADD Hyperactivity Workbook for Parents, Teachers and Kids - good resource, much information and material.
K-12* Teaching Kids with Learning Difficulties in the Regular Classroom
K-3 Teaching Young Gifted Children in the Regular Classroom
K-3 Learning to Listen and Follow Directions - many activities to help kids learn to do what the title says.


K-2 Being Truthful
K-2 Name Calling
K-2 Big Bully
K-3 The "Bugg" Book Series - a cute series of books about "Buggville". Some neat rhyming and word plays - all stories with a "lesson": Snugg - fear of the night/dark
Vee-Dubb - "The Golden Rule" and the importance of a clean environment
Dune Bugg - greed
Humbugg - lonely feelings and we're all "connected"
Eevil Weevil - dirty, messy and ungrateful people
Lord & Lady Bugg - don't fear the unknown - decide for yourself
JuneBugg - the pitfalls of vanity; beauty is important on the inside
Bugglar Brothers - consequences to making bad choices (stealing)
Glance - wearing your glasses is important if you need them
Tik-Tok - don't make fun of people; it's hard being physically challenged
Love-Bug - tell people how you feel
Crick-ette - we all do something well; there is more than one way to "skin a cat"
K-2 Winnie The Pooh Series
Oh, Bother! Someone's Messy
Oh, Bother! Someone Won't Share
Oh, Bother! Someone's Fighting
Oh, Bother! No One's Listening
Oh, Bother! Someone's Fibbing
Oh, Bother! Someone's Baby-Sitting
K-3 A children's book...series by Joy Berry
Excellent resources that can be read to a class or individual child and discussed, loaned to students to be read with students

A Children's Book About...
Being Lazy
Being a Bad Sport
Being Rude
Being Destructive
Being Mean
Being Messy
Being Bullied
Being Selfish
Throwing Tantrums
Showing Off
Being Bossy
K-3 Milton's Dilemma – A book about bullying
K-3 Love Me Anyway
K-2 Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire - Alex is a new boy in first grade. To get noticed, he keeps saying he has something better than everybody else. Good book with pictures for group discussion or for parents to read to/with child.
K-3 Don't Tell A Whopper on Fridays - The Children's Truth Control Book
K-2* Lleonard the Llama that Lied - a rhyming book about a llama who lost all his friends because he lied.
PreK-3 Franklin is Bossy
Hurry-Up Franklin
Franklin is Messy
K-3 Listen Buddy - a cute story about a young rabbit that is taught the value and need for listening.
K-4 Eagle Eyes - a child's guide to paying attention - meant to be read to a child/ren
K-3 Gabby - about the importance of listening.
K-2 Cyrus The Unsinkable Sea Serpent - a book about making right choices, helping people, "peer" pressure.
K-2 Telling Isn't Tattling - explains the difference between the two and offers stories that kids have to determine if they involve tattling or telling.
K-2 A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue
K-3 I Did It (cute) - taking responsibility for good and bad choices you make.
K-2 The Little Ant - neat book about responsibility
K-3 The Get Along Gang and the Tattletale
K-3* Benny the Lazy Beaver - importance of trying and benefits to working.
K-1 Following the Rules - learning about respect - A "rhymer"


K-5 Don't Despair on Thursday - for children who have suffered a loss
K-3 Let's Talk About... When a Parent Dies - meant to be read to children
K-5 Gran-Gran's Best Trick - a story for children who have lost someone they love; may be the best children's book written about death ever. Be prepared to cry. Good for parent or teacher use.
K-2 Lifetimes - the beautiful way to explain death to children. Good for parents or teachers.
K-2 I Remember Miss Perry a book about the death of a teacher.
K-4 Badger's Parting Gifts - an excellent book about death and loss for children; appropriate for parents or teachers use. Be prepared to cry.
K-3 Saying Goodbye - bereavement activity book.
K-2 The Fall of Freddie the Leaf - a beautiful story about death, changes, etc. Can be read to children.
K-2 Why Did Grandma Die?
K-6 What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies? - very good book.
K-3 Our Tree Named Steve
K-3 Chester Raccoon & the Acorn Full of Memories
K-3 I Don't Have an Uncle Phil Anymore


K-12 A Very Special Critter - Alex is a new student who uses a wheelchair because he can't walk. A book about fear of the unknown and/or acceptance of differences. GOOD BOOK!
1-3 Not Better... Not Worse... Just Different - book with numerous stories illustrating the point that differences in people (and animals) are OK.
K-12 Leo the Late Bloomer - excellent from a developmental standpoint; can help explain to children that things happen at different times for different people (we don't all learn to walk, talk or read at the same time) - a good resource for classroom use or parents.
K-12 Little Louie the Baby Bloomer - follow-up to Leo the Late Bloomer above, same message.
K-5 It's OK to Be Different! - a parent/child manual for the education of children.
K-5 What Do You Mean I Have a Learning Disability? - true storry with a happy ending.
K-2 Tibby Tried It - Bird with one wing can't fly.
K-5 Let's Talk About... Dyslexia
K-2 Looking After Louis... Autism
K-3 Leo the Lop - a tale for the ages about how it's OK to be differnt and yourself
K-3 Families are Different - nice story emphasizing differences in people and families. Can be read to children.
K-3 The Letter on Light Blue Stationary - a story about being special.
K-3 Different, Not Dumb


K-3 Sometimes We Were Brave - a story about a family with a parent deployed.
K-3 Why Are We Getting a Divorce? - to be read by/with parents and child; helps explain to children what is going on, the past and future possibilities.
K-3 Mom Is Single
K-3 Mama and Daddy Bear's Divorce
K-3 Dinosaurs Divorce - a guide for changing families. Probably the best book written for children on this difficult subject; perfect for parents to read with their children.
PreK-2 Mom and Dad Don't Live Together Anymore - Excellent book to read to children about divorce/separation.
PreK-2 VIDEO - Divorce - Caught in the Middle
PreK-3 Otto Learns About This Medicine - a story about medication for hyperactive children - meant to be read to a child/ren.
PreK-4 Shelly the Hyperactive Turtle - meant to be read to child/ren.
K-4* Staying Healthy - Good hygiene.
K-3 Caring for Yourself - a neat book about personal hygiene
K-5 Let's Talk About Having a New Brother or Sister
K-3* How to Deal with Babies
K-2 Big Brother Now - a story about me and our new baby.
K-2 Big Sister Now - a story about me and our new baby
K-3 Franklin Goes to the Hospital
K-3 Don't Hurt Me, Mama - special book about parental stress and abuse.
K-3 My Big Sister Takes Drugs - special book about drug abuse from a younger sibling's perspective
K-3* Let's Talk About Alcohol Abuse
K-3 I Wish Daddy Didn't Drink So Much - special book about alcoholic parent.
K-3 Let's Talk About... When You Think Nobody Likes You
K-3 What's Happening to Grandpa? - a book about Alzhimers.
K-3 Uncle What-Is-It is Coming to Visit - a special book about homosexual uncle.
K-3 The Berenstain Bears and The Homework Hassle
K-3 Michael's New Haircut
K-5 Once Upon a Hopeful Night - a story about a mother who is seriously ill and a message of hope.
K-5 Thank You, Mr. Falker - a heartwarming story about a girl with reading problems.
K-2 Ned and the General - a story (lesson) about deployment.
K-2 Tibby Tried It - a story about the importance of trying.
K-4 Nobody's Perfect - a story for children about perfectionism.

FEARS/PHOBIAS (Overcoming)

K Last Year - 1st grader talks about "Last Year" (Kdg.) at the North Primary School.
K My First Day of School - charming rhymer; can be read by parents to individual child or teacher/counselor to class.
K The First Day of School
K-2 Sam and Gram and the First Day of School
K-1 School's Cool - Lickety Split - a rhyming book about being afraid to come to school - neat book!
K-2 Llama Llama Misses Mama - book about being afraid to come to Kindergarten.
K-2 The Kissing Hand - beautiful story about going to school for the first time and missing mom.
K-3 Time for School, Nathan
K-3 I Don't Want to Go to School - Have a child/student who is worried about returning to school after the summer? This is about a 2nd grader who has that problem. Good!
K-3 Cat Got Your Tongue - a little girl won't tak in school.
K-3 The Boy Who Wouldn't Speak - multi-themed about differences, courage, friends, etc.
K-3 Sweet Dreams for Little Ones - Bedtime fantasies to build self-esteem (plus stop nightmares).
K-3 I Had a Bad Dream - a simple story about a boy who has a bad dream. Nicely illustrated.
K-3 The Bad Dream
K-3 Let's Talk About Nightmares
K-2 The Pout-Pout Fish in the Big-Big Dark - great rhyming book for kids afraid of the dark.
K-3 Moving Day - This is a story about a child who does not want to move away from her best friend.
K-3 Moving Day - a story about what it is like to move into a new house.
1-4 The Blammo-Surprise Book - a story to help children overcome fears; a good tool for parents to use to help their children.
PreK-2 The Underground Tea Party - a tale about overcoming fear - a cute story.


K-2 Bear Feels Scared
K-2 The Pout, Pout Fish
K-2 Wemberly Worried - deals with worrying all the time and school entry.
K-2 Bravo the Bear Cures the Baseball Day Blues - rhyming book about the importance of not giving up.
K-2 Prancine the Unicorn Helps the Littlest Ballerina - you can do more than you might think
K-2 Winnie the Pooh Series:
Oh, Bother! Someone's Afraid of the Dark
Oh, Bother! Someone's Grumpy
Oh, Bother! Someone's Jealous
K-3 When I'm Feeling Loved
K-3 When I'm Feeling Lonely
K-3 When I'm Feeling Kind
K-3 When I'm Feeling Jealous
K-3 When I'm Feeling Sad
K-3 When I'm Feeling Happy
K-3 When I'm Feeling Angry
K-3 When I'm Feeling Scared
K-3 Let's Talk About... Being Afraid - meant to be read to children.
K-3 Let's Talk About... Feeling Worried
K-3* Let's Talk About... Being Shy - meant to be read to children.
K-2 The Chimp Who Lost Her Chatter - a story about overcoming shyness.
K-2 When Sophie Gets Angry - Really, Really Angry
1-5 Dealing With Feelings - provides children with numerous appropriate ways to handle difficult feelings.
1-5 I'm Frustrated and I'm Mad - provides children with numerous appropriate ways to handle these difficult feelings.
K-3 The Way I Feel - rhyming book exploring feelings.
K-2 Take Time to Relax
K-2 Beginning to Learn... About Feelings
K-2 What Are You So Grumpy About?
K-2 Dusty D. Dawg Has Feelings Too - good rhyming book about feelings.
K-4 Dealing with Feelings Left Out
K-3 The Lean Mean machine - a story about handling feelings.
K-3 Bear Feels Scared

How to Handle Feelings

K-4 Feelings - a series of books, each containing 3 separate stories dealing with that specific feeling; excellent for lassroom discussion or can be used by parents.
Sad - Angry - Hurt - Afraid - Jealous - Lonely
K-5 Every Kid's Guide to Handling Feelings - helpful and meant to be read to children.
2-4 Don't Pop Your Cork on Mondays - the children's anti-stress book; tells kids about stress and how to deal with it.
2-4 Don't Rant and Rave on Wednesdays - the children's anger control book.
K-3 The Berenstain Bears and the Green-Eyed Monster - about jealousy.
2-5 The Words Hurt - title tells all - about a verbally abusive father.
K-3 Andrew's Angry Words - excellent book for class reading - great lesson.


K The Best Me I Can Be Series:
  I Show Respect
  I Am a Leader
  I Can Share
  I Am Confident
  I Am Generous
  I Am Creative
  I Am Responsible
  I Can Make Good Choices
  I Care About Others
  I'm a Good Friend
  I Can Cooperate
K-3 The Milly, Molly Series:
  Milly, Molly and Jimmy's Seeds - Concern for others and coping with grief.
  Milly and Molly Go Camping - Courage and determination.
  Milly, Molly and Different Dads - Acceptance of family diversity.
  Milly, Molly and Sock Heaven - Helpfulness
  Milly, Molly and the Secret Scarves - Love
  Milly, Molly and the Mountain - Thankfulness
  Milly, Molly and Aunt Maude - Tenacity
  Milly, Molly and the Queen's Visit - Diligence
  Milly, Molly and the Elephant - Courtesy
  Milly, Molly and W. W. Webby - Wisdom
  Milly, Molly and the Wind - Respect for nature.
  Milly, Molly and Salt and Pepper - Trustworthiness
  Milly, Molly and Special Friends - Sharing feelings
  Milly, Molly and the Jungle Gym - Co-operation
  Milly, Molly and the Stowaways - Sense of worth
  Milly, Molly and Betelgeuse - Building self-esteem in others
  Milly, Molly and the Bike Ride - Punctuality
  Milly, Molly and the Tree Hut - Exercise
  Milly, Molly and the Train - Care of the environment
  Milly, Molly and Grandpa Friday - Compassion
  Milly, Molly and Pet Day - Loyalty
  Milly, Molly and BiddyBid - Forgiveness
  Milly, Molly and Henry - Self-Acceptance
K-3 Responsibility
K-1 You Can Count on Me - Learning about responsibility - a "rhymer"
K-2 Responsible Rascal


K-2 Incredible You! - 10 ways to let your greatness shine through
K-2 Learn the Value of Friendship
K-2 Little Critters Joke Book - do you or your students need a laugh? They can share "their" joke and feel important - an easy self-esteem building tool.
K-3 500 Hilarious Jokes for Kids - "Primary" humor at its best
K-3 101 Dinosaur Jokes
K-4 On My Own: Helping Kids Help Themselves - to be read by, to or with child/ren; discusses many different situations, from what to do if you get electric shock to what to do if you wet the bed. Advice and discussion of the problem/situation is "short and sweet".
K-3 Let's Talk About... Needing Glasses
K-3 So That's How I Was Born
K-5 Everybody Wins - 100 games children should play. Non-competitive games (action games, brain games, number games, co-operative games, etc.)
  Respect - The Story of Abe Lincoln
  Truth & Trust - The Story of Cochise
  Foresight - The Story of Thomas Jefferson
  Caring - The Story of Eleanor Roosevelt
  Facing a Challenge - The Story of Terry Fox
  Patience - The Story of the Wright Brothers
  Creativity - The Story of Thomas Edison
  Fantasy - The Story of Hans Christian Andersen
  Dedication - The Story of Albert Schweitzer
  Determination - The Story of Helen Keller
Mental Health Activities in the Classroom: A Handbook - covers many areas from friendship to responsibility. Some lessons may need to be modified.
K-5 Learning Games Without Losers - academic games (language arts, math, science and social studies)
K-4 Living with Stress - activities to help children cope with difficult situations (peer pressure, making friends, sibling rivalry, parental expectations)
K-2 Study Skills Level A - good habits, paying attention, remembering
  Study Skills Level B - getting organized, following directions, taking tests
K-2 David Goes to School - David has some "behavior" problems.
PreK-2 Your Five-Year Old - Sunny and Serene
  Your Six-Year Old - Loving and Defiant
  Your Seven-Year Old - Life and Minor Key
  Your Eight-Year Old - Lively and Outgoing
K-12 Energizers and Icebreakers for All Ages and Stages - activities to encourage development of relationships and active learning in classrooms and small groups
K-3 The Dream Tree - A Serendipity Book - though it is sometimes hard to wait, growing up comes soon enough
K-2 Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
K-3 The Story of Ruby Bridges - true story about first grade girl who showed remarkable courage and compassion when she was one of the first African-American students who integrated New Orleans public schools.


PreK-2 Let's Learn About Getting Along with Others - activity book with all kinds of ideas
K-3 The Learning to Get Along Series:
  Join In and Play
  Accept and Value Each Person
  Reach Out and Give
  When I Feel Afraid
  Try and Stick with It
  Respect and Take Care of Things
K-3 Dealing with Insults - meant to be read to children
2-4 Every Kid's Guide to Making Friends
K-12 Move Over Twerp - how to handle a bully!
K-2 Oh Bother! Someone's Fighting - Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and the gang learn about fighting and co-operation.
K-2 Just Be Nice... and Let Everyone Play! - Winnie the Pooh
K-3 The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers - excellent and makes numerous good points
K-3 It's OK to Say NO - safety - street proofing
K-3 Sometimes It's OK to Tell Secrets - teaches children to share if someone is harming them
K-2 You Can Say "NO" - teaches anti-kidnapping and anti-abuse techniques to kids
PreK-3 How to Deal with Friends - a child's practical guide
K-3 Rhubarb - A Serendipity Book - to have a friend you must be a friend
K-2 Morgan and Me - moral of the story - treat your friends the same way you would like them to treat you; involves a unicorn and a princess
K-3 That's What a Friend Is - great rhyming book about friends
K-3 Making Friends - good discussion book
K-3 Let's Talk About... Being a Good Friend
K-3 Kindness - The Story of Elizabeth Frey
  Responsibility - The Story of Ralph Bunche
  Sharing - The Story of the Mayo Brothers
  Helping - The Story of Harriet Tubman
  Understanding - The Story of Margaret Mead
  Courage - The Story of Jackie Robinson
  Compassion - The Story of Florence Nightingale
K-3 How to Lose All Your Friends - title tells the story - a how-to book which makes its point
K-2 Franklin's New Friend
  The Fair Weather Friend - a story about friendship
K-2 The Thigumajig Book of Manners - cute rhymes
  Saying Thank You, Theodore - a book about manners - cute book about Theodore the rabbit and how he learns manners
  Saying I'm Sorry
  Saying Please
K-3 Mind Your Manners - a child's guide to good manners
K-3 It's a Spoon, Not a Shovel - a book about manners
K-3 Manners at School
  Manners at the Table
  Manners in Public
  Manners in the Library
  Manners on the Playground
  Manners on the Telephone
K-3* My Name is Not Dummy - using Brave Talk (assertiveness)
  I Want to Play - using Brave / Nice Talk
  I Can't Wait - sharing / taking turns
  I Want It - sharing / taking turns
K-3 How to be a Friend


What to do when your Mom or Dad says:
  - Turn off the water and lights
  - Do your homework
  - Do something besides watch TV
  - Help
  - Don't hang around with the wrong crowd
  - Don't slurp your soup
  - Be good
  - Get good grades
  - Be careful
  - Write to Grandma
  - Make your breakfast and lunch
  - Stand up straight
  - Clean yourself up
  - Be prepared

A Children's Book About:

  - Danger
  - Saying what you mean
  - Managing time
  - Living in a Family (nitty gritty of family life)
  - Trauma (Tuff Stuff)
  - Handling your disagreements
  - Handling emotion - Handling ups and downs
  - Human Similarities (you're all right)
  - You can do it - being creative
  - Using your head (Thinking and Learning)
  - May I? Please? Thank You! (manners)
  - Mine and Yours - rights and responsibilities
  - Making Up Your Own Mind (Decision making and problem solving)
  - Understanding parents (parent - child relationships)
  - A Kids TV Guide - watching TV intelligently
  - A consumers guide for kids - buying products and services wisely
  - You're either one or the other - human sexuality
  - Making friends - social skills
  - You're One of a Kind - human uniqueness
  - Surviving Fights with Your Brothers and Sisters - sibling rivalry
  - Checking 'em Out and Signing 'em Up - opinions and prejudice

The Mr. Men and Little Miss Series

  Little Miss Plump
  Mr. Muddle
  Mr. Quiet
  Mr. Mischief
  Little Miss Chatterbox
  Little Miss Fickle
  Mr. Grumpy
  Little Miss Sunshine
  Mr. Happy
  Mr. Forgetful
  Little Miss Magic
  Mr. Chatterbox
  Mr. Clumsy
  Mr. Fussy
  Mr. Nosey
  Little Miss Twins
  Little Miss Giggles
  Little Miss Naughty
  Little Miss Shy
  Little Miss Bossy
  Little Miss Trouble
  Mr. Lazy
  Mr. Nonsense
  Mr. Greedy
  Little Miss Helpful
  Mr. Bounce
  Mr. Impossible
  Mr. Busy
  Mr. Bump
  Mr. Skinny
  Mr. Tickle
  Mr. Noisy
  Little Miss Late
  Little Miss Tiny
  Mr. Small
  Little Miss Scatterbrain
  Little Miss Star
  Mr. Worry
  Little Miss Splendid
  Little Miss Dotty
  Little Miss Contrary
  Little Miss Neat

*School Library Books