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 WAMS Syllabus


        Physical Education 6th, 7th & 8th Grade


Course Description:

The 6th grade Physical Education program is designed to develop self-discipline and self-control 


while learning life-long wellness skills. Opportunities are provided for students to develop safety


skills, positive attitudes toward fitness, and social skills through participation in a variety of


individual and team sport activities.

Learning Objectives and State Standards:

  1. Students will be able to utilize teamwork, trust, critical thinking, problem solving, and fitness skills to complete an outdoor adventure course. (1.6, 10.3, 10.4)
  2. Students will be able to utilize skills and game knowledge to participate in team sports. (1.5, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5)
  3. Students will be able to utilize skills to participate in individual sports. (1.6, 10.1, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5)
  4. Students will be able to utilize fitness skills to participate in a walking club. (10.3.6D, 10.4.6A-F, 10.5.6A-F)


Grading Policy:  

Physical Education Grading Procedure


1. Students will receive a walking club, weight room or an outdoor adventure grade as follows:


Each day a student can earn up to 5 points per day.

                        1pt for being on time

                        1pt for being prepared

                        1pt for overall effort for the day

                        1pt for overall attitude for the day

                        1pt is bonus for anything the student does that requires extra

                       participation (helping someone, helping the teacher, or going

                       above and beyond what is expected for the day)


Final Grade Calculation: 

Marking Period 1 Grade:                             1/8 of final grade

Marking Period 2 Grade:                             1/8 of final grade

Marking Period 3 Grade:                             1/8 of final grade

Marking Period 4 Grade:                             1/8 of final grade

No Final Exam Grade:                                 


Teacher Name:

Mrs. Gregorski


Contact Information:

Email: gregorcy@wallenpaupack.org


Call (570) 251-3057 ext 4410


Text(s) Used: None

Classroom Policies:

1. We expect each student to be on time, prepared  for physical activity, to demonstrate a positive attitude and perform to the best of their ability.


2. Class Participation- Every student is expected to participate in physical education classes on a regular basis.

3. Excusal Policy-students are encouraged to discuss any physical problem or illness with their teacher. The instructor will make the decision as to limited involvement or sending the student to the school nurse.  Generally speaking, if the student is healthy enough to attend school, he/she is healthy enough to participate in modified activity.

a. A written excuse from a doctor will be honored. Thus, the physician can be very specific in identifying which activities require no participation, modified participation, or full participation.  Parents should request a description of specific limitations, if possible, from the doctor rather than a blank restriction.

4. Dress

a. Plain colored gym shorts, no writing will be tolerated on the back of your shorts
b. T-shirts must have sleeves
c. Sneakers
d. Students are required to change from their school clothes to appropriate dress for activity
e. When weather conditions dictate, dressing warmly with sweat or warm-up suites are encouraged
f. Jewelry should be removed during activity

5. Lockers should be cleaned out daily.

6. A reminder that gum chewing is not permitted in the building. Also, no spray deodorant or perfume allowed.
7. Equipment- Proper care of equipment is emphasized.  In order to observe good safety practices, all equipment must be left alone before and after class. No student is permitted to go into the equipment closet.

8. Everyone must be prepared for class. If a student is not prepared for class:

       1st offense- Given a warning, points will not be deducted for the day.

       2nd offense-Student is awarded a lunch detention. Points will be deducted         for the day.

       3rd offense-Student is awarded an after school detention. Points will be    deducted for the day.

After the third offense, the student will receive an after school detention each time the student is not prepared for class.